Friday, January 4, 2013

"Judge Dredd #1" Plot Summary

Writer: Duane Swierczynski


The year 2100. Mega-City One. A group of criminals rob a store in the Pleasure Mall and a squad of Judges, including Judge Joseph Dredd, arrive on motorcycles to stop them. The Judges are police officers, judges, and juries all in one. There are no trials. A Judge sentences on the spot.

As they are making their arrests, mall security droids began killing the criminals, leading Dredd to believe that their programming has been altered.

"Protection Racket"

Mr. Busby, a store owner in the Pleasure Mall, likes to use his security droid in, shall we say, non-professional ways. When a group of looters start cleaning Busby out, his droid purposely does nothing to stop them. Busby, at the goading of the droid, loses his temper, kills one of the looters, and then is arrested for murder by Judge Dredd. The droid happily says it will run the business while Busby is away.

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