Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Judge Dredd #2" Plot Summary

Writer: Duane Swierczynski

"Deep Psi"

More malfunctioning droids lead to a riot in Mega-City One. Dredd saves fellow Judge James Myers from being eaten by a trash compactor droid and then escorts him home where he finds evidence of stolen property. Myers says he doesn't know where it came from.

Dredd investigates Myers' file and finds some irregularities. He then calls in Psi Judge Anderson to scan Myers' mind. She says Myers is clean, which leads the three of them to believe that Myers is being framed and his file tampered with.

As Dredd leaves, he is attacked by a very skilled shooter. He escapes and goes back to the records office with Anderson. They suspect a dirty Psi Judge named Lou Thompson who was supposed to have died ten years ago.

Anderson says Myers was the first Judge on scene when Thompson was killed. They then realize that Thompson put his consciousness in Myers as he was dying. Now Myers has a split personality - Myers and Thompson.

Dredd and Anderson kill Myers' body in order to kill Thompson, but transfer Myers' consciousness into a droid. Myers says that he'll go undercover and find out who's reprogramming the droids.

"The Good Parts"

Jane Windsor Totter wakes up in a motel, but doesn't know who she is or what she's doing there. There's a dead man in the room and she starts to panic.

Sensing her panic, Judge Anderson arrives and confirms that Totter has no memory. They do find a note in the room, however, instructing Jane to leave the scene and go to a certain locker. Anderson accompanies Jane to the locker. There is a pill inside and a note tellling Jane to take it. She does so and her memories return.

Jane is a serial man killer. She lures a guy to a hotel for sex, kills him, takes a pill that knocks her out and erases her memories (after leaving herself the note about the locker, etc.), and then takes the second pill to bring her memories back once she's safely away from the scene. This is all in order to keep Psi Judges from being alerted to her, but this time, Jane didn't find her own note in time and now Judge Anderson knows about the existence of black market amnesia pills.

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