Monday, March 4, 2013

"Judge Dredd #3" Plot Summary

Writer: Duane Swierczynski

"Trump Alert"

Jeremy Gates-Kroch, wealthy citizen of Mega-City One, has been kidnapped and the Judges are on a city-wide search for him.

Dredd finds him and the kidnappers admit that they made a clone of Jeremy, complete with duplicate memories, and will torture him if they are not paid. Libby, Jeremy's wife, agrees to pay, as do dozens of other wealthy citizens who now realize their loved ones' clones are also being held.

Chief Justice Morgan sends Dredd and Judge Tarjay to deliver the money, hoping they will take down the kidnappers at the hand-off.

A rival gang tries to ambush their transport on the way, but Dredd shakes them off. Judge Anderson, reading the kidnappers' thoughts, then warns Dredd that the kidnappers are going to use Judge Tarjay to hijack the transport, as we see Tarjay pull his gun and point it at the back of Dredd's head.

"Naked City"

Judge Martin Tarjay wakes up in a seemingly abandoned hospital. He's been without food and water for three days. He breaks out, kills a criminal organ stealer who tries to jump him, and makes it back to the Justice Department only to see that he is now a wanted man. He runs away until he can figure out what happened.

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