Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Judge Dredd #4" Plot Summary

Writer: Duane Swierczynski

Dredd tells the Tarjay that has him at gunpoint that he's a clone who has been brainwashed. Tarjay tests and realizes that he can't stop himself from attacking Dredd. The two fight while Anderson remotely flies their ship. She has located the surgeons' lab and crashed the ship into it.

The surgeons' (mutant doctors) remotely kill the cloned Tarjay before Dredd fights them. The battle is won when Anderson shows up with backup.

The clones are rescued and now their families have to take care of them. Dredd starts searching for the real Tarjay.

The real Tarjay is taking amnesia pills to hide his guilt from the Psi Judges. He has "Wanted for attempted murder of a judge" laser imprinted on his left hand and "You are a judge who was framed. Prove your innocence!" on his right hand in order to give him direction in between doses.

When Dredd finds him, Tarjay assumes he's come to execute him so he does his best to escape, even throwing a bomb at Dredd. The bomb also burns Tarjay's right hand, making that half of the message unreadable. Now when Tarjay reads his hand, he just knows he's wanted for trying to kill a judge. He decides to succeed next time.

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