Monday, March 4, 2013

"The High Ways #1" Plot Summary

Writer: John Byrne

Eddie Wallace (cover center) arrives on a space station. Marilyn Jones meets him and takes him to Captain Jack Cagney. Eddie has been hired to work on Jack's ship, the "Carol Ann", as Navigator. They are on their way to Europa, an eight-month trip away. They take turns sleeping in hibernation chambers. When they get to Europa to pick up some samples for shipment, they are told that they aren't expected and not cleared for landing. Out of fuel, they land anyway.

The station staff (Dr. French, Dr. Munoz, Megan Daily) are working on biological experiments. They deny ever having sent for the Carol Ann, but they let the crew stay until they can refuel.

Megan has sex with Eddie. He wakes up to see a strange humanoid creature (cover left) staring in the window at him.

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