Saturday, March 23, 2013

"The High Ways #2" Plot Summary

Writer: John Byrne

Eddie wakes Megan up and she sees the same thing Eddie is - a naked man with no space suit outside. When Eddie goes to get the others, however, Megan comes from another room with her girlfriend and pretends she has no idea what Eddie is talking about. Mr. French blames it on hallucinations from waking up from cryo sleep, but Marilyn believes Eddie and decides to explore with him. She knows that there are access panels Megan could have used to get from one room to another and that the station crew has been acting oddly.

They secretly exit the station and find the heat signature of footprints climbing up to Eddie's window and away from the building. It leads to a previously-used landing site. While inspecting, Eddie falls through the ice and is swallowed by a giant fish. Megan pulls both up and the fish is flash-frozen in the atmosphere.

Whey the tell Jack, he decides to leave. They do so, but then find an unconscious stowaway in the cargo hold. It is Megan, apparently put there to freeze to death by Mr. French and Professor Munoz.

When they notice another ship following them, a big black ship, Megan says she was lying to them and that this new ship is her real ride.

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